When should you turn to Foreign Affairs for culture training?

  • For example if you’re working with people from different cultural backgrounds, where everyone needs to understand one another’s cultural backgrounds and business-related practices in order to communicate more effectively.
  • If cooperation within your team has stalled and team spirit, creativity and energy need a boost. It may well be time to provide that boost using art-based methods, e.g. community art theatre or storytelling-based projects.
  • If your team needs to get to know one another better, but the opportunity to do so doesn’t exist in the day-to-day working environment.
  • Perhaps a workshop aimed at sharing stories about your backgrounds, formative life events, moving experiences, etc. would help you create greater cohesion and commitment between your colleagues.
  • … and in countless other situations in which a better understanding of organisational and individual cultural backgrounds would help achieve greater comprehension and cooperation.

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